Powerful Hardware

Advanced Arduino based frontend hardware tracks every product in the cart and alert the user of any changes.


A powerful admin web console enables stores to easily input and manage their inventory. 

 Responsive App

An easy to use consumer iOS app allows the user to make shopping lists, connect to carts via Bluetooth, and track their carts.


A long range anti-theft system integrates with each component to ensure maximum security and minimal theft.


No Wi-Fi, Cellular, or Bluetooth Usage

All data transfer is made through SMS communication, so no Wi-Fi or Cellular data is needed for full functionality.

Chatbot Functionality

Navigate into search results with our chatbot functionality, seamlessly integrating the full browser experience into SMS messaging.

Full Internet Access

Access all internet features through our browser, directions, restaurant recommentations, and many other features


All data transfers and server-side processing are extremely secure, keeping your data private through every step.