MacroTech Solutions Inc.

At MacroTech, we are dedicated to making products that seamlessly combine hardware and software components to solve large scale commercial problems.

Company Info

We are a group of three motivated entrepreneurs who each have unique engineering related skills and a passion for implementing these skills to solve practical problems. By combining our knowledge of hardware, frontend software, and backend data management and analysis, we can transform ideas into products. Our products not only reflect our wide range of skills, but also our passion to solve large scale problems effectively and elegantly. 

SyncFast Features

Quick Synchronizatiom

After importing your presentation, viewers can see any admin slide changes almost instantaniously

Data Efficient

We are dedicated to minimizing data usage, so we strategically pass .jpeg images instead of using a live stream

Easy-To-Use UI

Viewers can use our elegant and simple website or mobile iOS app to connect to presentations

Integrated Backend

A centralized database is utilized to provide maximum presentation security and fast image connectivity

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About Our Team

Arya Tschand

Chief Technical Officer

Sai Vedagiri

Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Rakovitsky

Chief Financial Officer